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3gCustomz Wickerbillz

Aluminum Wicker Bill
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3gCustomz: 3gCustomz

Call it what you want… Guerny Flap, Wickerbill, Lip or what not, we all know what they do. So, why does a quality Wickerbill cost so much? Well, we couldn’t figure that out either. So, we took our quality and fair pricing to the market and added a fun little option too. We are offering three style designs to cover a wide variety of tastes and wants. One of which is a “Custom Dip Version” were we will design a dip to your specs. Imagine that… a completely custom version that you customize to your car, to how you want it to look. Not some fancy CEO that is flies 30,000 feet above us all.

Machined from 0.125” Aluminum, sanded and finished with our custom brushed aluminum finish. Our Wickerbillz can be painted, hydro dipped, powder coated, wrapped, polished or even left with the brushed aluminum that it arrives with.

We didn’t skimp on the hardware either. You will have your choice of any anodized washer color, and either stainless steel bolts or a black oxide covered stainless if that better matches your theme. The hardware kit will include the concave washers, rubber washers, bolts, and an allen key.

You will need a RivNut tool to install this item, they can be found online, or locally in several tool stores like Northern Tool or Harbor Freight.

Version Descriptions:
Full Version – This is a full lip with no dip or drop in it.
Dip with Plexi Version – This is a full version, with a dip in it and matching Plexi-Glass center insert.
Custom Dip Version – This is a full lip with a custom dip to your specs. If you want a completely custom look this option if for you. We will contact you via the email address provided on the order to get your specifications. In the picture this custom version has a 1” dip that spans 30” at the bottom and 32” at the top.

We strongly recommend that prior to prep and paint that you do a test fitment first.

DISCLAIMER: 3gCustomz LLC cannot control how this product is installed or used. By purchasing this product, the buyer/end user assumes all risks associated with its use and agrees to having the proper skills for it’s installation. 3gCustomz LLC and its suppliers will not be held responsible, liable or accountable for any injury, damage, loss, penalties, or fines that occur from using this product in any manner.

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