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Custom Car Show Parts and Accessories

At 3gCustomz we pride ourselves in manufacturing the best car show accessories on the market. Our comprehensive product lines consist of Hood and Door Props, Engine Dress Up covers,  Aerodynamic styling, Car Show Display Stands, all of which are fully customizable. 

One of our product lines is our custom engine covers, and they are the perfect way to set yourself apart from your competition. Our car show door/hood props and car show display stands are perfect for the show scene. 3gcustomz line of show accessories not only secure your ride but add the little details that spectators and judges will appreciate. With our line of undercarriage protection and aerodynamic styling parts, they provide great protection for all those unexpected road conditions, while improving aerodynamic styling and performance. 

Above all, our products are the perfect accent to your build with the quality you’ve come to expect. Our parts will separate you from others at your next show therefore landing you with more wins. All our products are crafted in the USA and produced as ordered for each customer’s specification. 

Engine Dress Up Identification Wizard

Need help finding a part? Below is an interactive image showing most of the engine bay dress up parts we have to offer for 2005+ 300, Charger, Challenger, Magnum and Ram modern mopars . Simply click the orange glowing dot to identify the part and to purchase. 

Fuse Box Cover. This part covers up the fuse box lid as well as the positive jumper port. 

Check out all of our custom Fuse box covers.

ABS Cover. This part helps hide those unsightly ABS lines as well as any lighting controllers or other accessories that you might have sitting next to the fuse box.

Check out our custom ABS covers.

Engine Half Covers. Customized with your favorite logo or saying to really compliment your theme. We have specific fitment for all modern HEMI's.

Check out our fully customizable Engine Half Covers.

Coolant tank cover. Probably or most self explanatory piece, this covers up that ugly yellowish, brown coolant tank. 

Check out our coolant tank covers.

Firewall Cover. This hides those unsightly wires, and hoses tucked back by the firewall for a much cleaner look.

Check out our fully customizable Firewall Covers.

Radiator Shroud Cover, This cleans up that space between your front bumper and radiator support. This has much better coverage than the stock plastic covers and allows a blank canvas to complete the look.

Check out our radiator shroud covers.

Engine Dress Up | Custom Door and Hood Props |
| Car Show Display Stands | Aerodynamic Styling

Mopar Engine Bay Dress Up

Engine Bay Dress up Covers

Specific to the Modern Mopar Community, we offer Engine Bay Dress up covers for Chrysler, Dodge and Ram Vehicles. We offer ABS covers, Fusebox covers, Firewall, Covers, Radiator Support covers, as well as our coolant tank covers. All of our dress up parts were built with not only functionality, but they turn your engine bay into a masterpiece. Each part we make is Make/Model and Year specific. As a result these are not universal cheap parts that some make and sell, but fully customized parts designed with the end user in mind.

Information Show Stand

Car Show Display Stands

Do you want to standout from the rest but also let judges and audience know about your vehicles mods? Our Car Show Parts and Accessories are the answer. We offer fully customizable podium style aluminum show stands to showcase your build sheets. The possibilities are endless for the front plate design. Therefore, you can choose custom text, custom logos or you choose from a list of some of our most popular. Our stands comes apart in 3 pieces for easy travel. There are no tools required for assembly, simply loosen the hidden wing nuts and you are ready to roll.

Custom Punisher Hood Prop

Custom Door and Hood Props

We are the original creators of the Fully Customizable Car Show Props. They are the perfect way to secure your vehicle and grab a few extra points from the judges. Our Props are vehicle specific and engineered to click into your locking mechanism. As a result, it keeps out unwanted visitors, kids and slimy hands out of your car at a show. They also work great to secure your door and hood from surprise gusts of winds. Just click them in place and hit the lock button on your FOB and you are good to go.

Who is 3gCustomz?

As a group of enthusiastic car enthusiasts, our deep love for cars and customization has become an integral part of who we are. This passion has accompanied us since before we even had the legal driving age, evolving from a mere hobby into a business venture before our high school graduation. From those early days onward, our commitment to crafting genuinely distinctive car show parts and accessories. 

From that point forward, we adopted the mission of consistently distinguishing ourselves from the ordinary. We’ve consistently championed the cause of customization – after all, who desires what the next person already possesses? We firmly believe that customization is the linchpin to possessing a genuinely unparalleled machine.

Today, we take immense pride in upholding our legacy. We now offer a selection of the finest and most customizable show parts and accessories available in the market. Through years of dedicated experience and extensive experimentation, we’ve discovered the optimal fusion of form and function. Our parts not only exude a captivating appearance but also operate at the pinnacle of performance.

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